Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Tortoise or turtle, What ever!

"Everyone used to call me a long-neck or snake-neck tortoise, but now I have been reclassified as a turtle so I am a Common Long-necked Turtle Chelodina longicollis. However some unkind people still call me a "Stinker," just because I can release a foul smelling liquid if I am picked up and boy have some people regretted putting me in their car when they have found me on the road."
This character was in the middle of our driveway when we arrived home this afternoon, so stopped to carefully move it (as we have experienced the reason for the offensive name) onto the edge of the drive. It was in the process of crossing the track, neck fully stretched out, but as soon as we stopped the neck was popped back into the security of the carapace. These guys are found throughout most of the eastern regions of Australia and are often found in the suburban backyards that have nearby waterways. As a kid I found one and had it as a pet for sometime before it wandered off to find a more appropriate home. The weather is starting to get a winter chill so I expect this one was on its way to find a suitable spot to hibernate until spring.

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