Tuesday, 31 May 2011

One of a pigeon pair

More rain; 70mm yesterday on top of saturated ground has left everything very sodden, so I did not expect to get a photo today, but late this afternoon a Brown Pigeon Macropygia amboinensis arrived to feed on the small berries of the Native Peach shrub Trema aspera (its common name due to its leaves resembling peach tree leaves) that is growing next to our verandah. Until recently we also had a wild tobacco tree growing near this position and the brown pigeons are particularly partial to the fruit of this weed and have been responsible for spreading the weed through the bush. The brown pigeons are regular visitors, particularly when their food sources are in plentiful supply. They are noted for their loud repetitive Whook Whook call that was responsible for giving another common name of Brown Cuckoo Dove but as they are not doves or related to cuckoos that name usage is discouraged. They are one of the 19 species of native pigeon found in Australia and range down eastern coastal regions.

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