Saturday, 21 May 2011


This moth attracted by the house lights was resting above the verandah door which enabled me to get a photo. As for identification can't find the species but think it is of the  looper Geometridae family and the ENNOMINAE genera possibly fisera sp. 


  1. An interesting moth Ian - its great to see the different species you have in Australia. I don't know how many species you have but here in the UK we have thousands - makes id very difficult at times especially as so many at first glance are so similar!!

  2. I am not to familiar with our Moth species once I get past some of the large obvious ones that are easy to identify. I note the interest in moths in the UK if the blogs listed on your site are typical. Australia being such a large and geographically diverse country has somewhere between 20 to 30 thousand species of moths many yet to be identified. A huge task for moth fanciers compared to butterflies where Australia has about 400 species. The latest moth on your blog is very attractive.

  3. That's an incredible amount of species of moths and butterflies in Australia.I think living on a relatiavely small island here in the UK its hard to imagine the scale of your country.

    Here in the UK we only have around 56 species of butterfly and approx 2,500 species of moth. Theoretically, it should make id a lot easier but I have only been really interested in moths for about 18 months and still finding even basic id challenging!