Monday, 7 March 2016

Jewel netted

Scooping leaves out of the pool and noticed a fluttering on the surface, so netted the critter and saw a brilliant flash of iridescent blue.

A small butterfly but its wings did not seem to be fully formed, leading me to think that it had just emerged from its pupa and been blown into the pool by the afternoon's very gusty wind.
I took some photos with my Iphone and then place the butterfly on a spray of Buddleia flowers then got the camera for some more shots to enable the identification.

Although the wings were not fully extended there was enough detail for me to identify the butterfly as a male Diggle's Jewel or Blue Hypochrysops digglesii. The larvae feed on various mistletoe species, many of which are on our Eucalyptus near the pool area. Pleased to make this rescue and add this butterfly to my list of species found here.


  1. Well done on the rescue and what a beautiful butterfly - love the iredescent blue :)

  2. Yes, I was pleased with the rescue and suprised to see the bright blue wings. I have seen brilliant blue wings on butterflies in the tropics but this was my first in our location.