Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Procession off track

At present we have a lot of Processionary Caterpillars moving around in a line, that can be quite long (measure one at 5m with over 100 individuals) from one feeding tree (usually an acacia) to another but we found one procession off track heading into the garage.

There was also a little bit of confusion when a break in the line caused a build-up to occur with no leader to head them out.

They are the larvae of the Processionary Caterpillar Moth Orhrogaster lunifer  (photos from an earlier post below)


  1. Fascinating to read and see photos of the caterpillars moving along in a line. A very interesting post Ian :)

    1. It is quite interesting to see this long line snaking across the ground and then realise that it is made up of lots of caterpillars, nose to tail. They do strip the leaves off the plant they feed on but fortunately we have lots of their favourite and not too fussed about removing very stripped plants.