Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Orange spotted emerald

Found a quite tiny emerald Geometridae moth on the verandah post and from a distance it looked a plain bright green as so many of this family do, but a close look showed some quite beautiful features.

The moth species is Cosmostola laesaria with a wingspanof about 15 mm and can be found in the Northern Territory, Queensland and New South Wales. 
The looper caterpillar larvae feed on a wide variety of plants including mango and melaleuca.


  1. What a gorgeous moth Ian - such a lovely colour and wonderful markings :)

    1. Some of these tiny moths are really a surprise packet when you get up close.
      Nice to keep finding species that I haven't seen before.

      Thanks for your comments keeping up with the blog, I have been a bit busy and have missed getting on as often as I would like.
      Keep enjoying your travels around historic sites.