Wednesday, 27 April 2011

A day for the birds

Cool, showers and a fresh breeze not a great day for outside activities, but it seems to have been weather for the birds.The breeze was enjoyed by the raptores, with a visit from the wedge-tail eagle family spiraling around the hillside for a while, a pair of white-breasted  sea eagles sailed past as did a whistling kite, whilst a sparrow hawk swooped through the tree tops trying to flush out one of the small birds. Of these I only managed to snap a quick silloette of one of the wedge-tails overhead.
However the first of the birds to have me grab the camera today was a cuckoo whose unmistakable call kept being repeated from a tree nearby. This continual repeating of their call has a benefit of allowing you to find where they are with relative ease and then it is just a bit of luck if you can get close enough for a shot. When I got a look at the cuckoo I could see it was the Fan-tailed Cuckoo which I had expected from its call and the fact that I had seen one around lately, but had not been able to get a photo. Today I was lucky it flew from the tree where I tracked it to another where I had a much better position for the photo and was very pleased to get a few shots. At the same time out of the corner of my eye caught a glimpse of a Golden Whistler.

 Tried to keep an eye on it while photographing the cuckoo and hoping to get a shot of it next. However it moved off into trees further away and I lost sight of it. But as luck would have it, later on it I found it in a tree where I did get a shot albeit not ideal. It is of the male bird as the female is a rather plain olive-brown.

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