Saturday, 16 April 2011

Hanging out & quail of a time

Our changeable weather at present means perfect one day, ordinary the next, so today wet and cool, but the wildlife seem quite happy with the conditions as there were lots out and about. However our wallaby mum was not too keen and spent a few hours just in front of the office hunkered down in the drizzling rain. She would shake off the rain have a nibble on some grass and shrubs and generally take it easy, as she is carrying around a bit more weight. On a day like this staying indoors seems like the best option for a young joey, although it can get a bit cramped, so you need to have a stretch every now and then.

Whilst I was working with my photos on the computer I noticed a few quail fly across and one misjudged its flight and banged into the mesh fence around the pool garden. It dropped to the ground a little bit stunned so grabbed the camera and set off to see if it was OK and also get a photo. No need to worry, it was off under the fence and heading for the other side of the garden before I got near. Seeing where it dropped into the shrubs I managed to get in position without being spotted, then noticed the other two quail were on the other side of the fence. There was some calling going on between them and the problem of how to get together seemed to be the main topic, as they moved along the fence looking for a gap they could get under. I figured they would work it out, so I managed to get a photo without disturbing them and left it to them to solve the problem.

Brown Quail Synoicus australis

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