Friday, 1 April 2011

False eyes, false teeth

Sword-grass brown Tisiphone abeona abeona
Yesterday a southerly change brought thunderstorms and torrential rain (80mm in 4hrs) but today we were back to beautiful autumn weather and our wildlife seemed to be out and about to make the most of the change. Butterflies were flitting around the flowers to share them with the birds and one of our Diamond Pythons was out to get a bit of warmth from the morning sun. I took a couple of photos and when I looked at them I was drawn to the markings that look like false features, eyes on the butterfly and teeth on the python.
Diamond python Python spilotus spilotus

I can see why the butterfly would want the large eyes to fool a potential predator but the markings on the python are more bizarre and seem to have some other purpose.
Python about to slide under the garden fence, with the most recent meal a visible bulge in the mid-section.

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