Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Sugar Glider death

Awoke to find our power was off and on checking the fuses found that a drop-down fuse on the high voltage line had been blown and then I found the poor little Sugar Glider, on the ground at the base of the pole. The poles have a barrier to stop possums climbing them, but Sugar Gliders can cover a large distance with a glide and bypass the need to climb the pole. To them it is just a convenient alternative to a tree to launch the next phase of a glide, as they move around their territory looking for food sources.
Sugar Gliders Petaurus breviceps are fairly common and have a range across north, east and south eastern Australia as well as New Guinea. There are seven sub-species recognised in Australia and four in New Guinea.
Being nocturnal they are not seen that often, so to most people they are an unknown animal even if they are in their backyard.

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