Monday, 25 April 2011

It's scary on my own.

Our young wallaby is spending more time outside mum's pouch, but this morning it was looking a bit scared and lonely, with mum not to be seen anywhere nearby. With drizzling rain and being a bit cooler than the past few days it was shivering and hunched down on the rocks. It blends in rather well and must have felt a bit more secure close to the house rather than out in the open. I saw one of the dingos a couple of days ago, so it is a risky time for youngsters to be on their own. The rain stopped and the sun came out which gave it some confidence to move around, have a nibble on some plants and then after about an hour head off to see if mum could be found. Haven't seen it or mum during the day, so guess we will have to see if they both turn up together in the next couple of days.

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